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Human is never satisfied at one point. That’s human nature. We always crave for one or the other thing. Similarly, when we enter this world, we are automatically connected to many relationships at once. All these relationship wires are demanding at all levels. We are happy because of them and become sad because of them only. Happiness may not be discussed since we do not need to research about things that give us joy.

And sadness is due to involvement. Because the people closer to us are the source of both happiness and sadness in our life.

This calls for the next word in my motivational dictionary D- DETACHMENT

The real meaning

Indifference to worldly pleasures.


Freedom from bias or prejudice

Where is the problem?

Actually, it is almost impossible to be detached from the ones you love. When they are happy, you are happy. The minute they get hurt, you are also sad. You pray to God for their well-being.

Very appropriately said by The Buddha. But how do we detach ourselves? Listening to spiritual sayings? Learning to be away from family members?Not bothered by their happiness or sadness and still living together?

I guess you can be detached from their happiness but when they are hurt, you are not able to hold yourself back. And naturally, you feel for them.

The solution to some extent

Leaning towards God may help you detach from worldly pleasures. Giving all your time to God and serving him may detach you. But sometimes I feel, how much you become spiritual and accept the fact that one day everyone has to die but when that time comes and your beloved person dies!

Then? Then what happens? Are you brave enough so as to not get affected?

Then what happens? Are you brave enough so as to not get affected?

Yes, the way this quote says- just for the day- practise detachment- allow yourself to be free, do not force solutions, let go of ‘it should be this way’, embrace uncertainty.

Accept the uncertainty. Nobody waits for his/her loved one to die soon. But when it happens, you need to be courageous. When closer people start going to The God, you fear that now is it the turn for your next one?

But when God gives some trouble to us, that is only a test of our patience; the strength to be strong from inside out. To accept the fact that when one has come to this world, he has to go also in order to follow the law of nature.

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27 thoughts on “D-Detachment

  1. Liked your post and the images. I am on a seeking mission myself and detatchment and renunciation are the biggest roadblocks. Quoting my Gurudev here ” When the child is a baby, the parents buy her many toys. But as she grows to become a teenager, do we not want her to outgrow the toys and develop academic pursuits? There was a time when we happily gave her toys, but would certainly not like a fifteen-year-old girl, to carry her childhood teddy bear to school! Similarly in life, we have to grow out of desire for the lower and seek the higher and subtler. We need to distance ourselves from the ‘toys’ of the world.” Thus by making our source of happiness, our goal higher, we can transact yet remain detached.Of course, easier said than done.
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    1. I truly agree with you Archana. I am happy to be connected with you over this challenge. Looking forward to learn alike things from you in this journey. Thanks for commenting

  2. That’s a great post, Geethica. I try my best to be detached. But sadly, I get affected by the smallest of things. Long way to go, I suppose!
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  3. Detachment is the real root of all miseries. So simple yet so hard to practice detachment. It becomes easy by meditating. Vipassana is the technique by which Gautam Buddha attained “Nirvana” and which helps us to learn detachment. For more info : http://www.dhamma.org

    1. I am glad you felt connected with my post. And if it could bring a small change to my readers then it’s a big compliment for me. Thanks for commenting.


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