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This is my second word of motivation- BELIEF. This is the most difficult path and the foremost one. And believe me, it is not easy to maintain.

So what exactly is the idea?

Belief- An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.


Trust, faith or confidence in someone or something.

I can explain the idea of the whole thing through my own experience. I am a new blogger and like everybody, I also started with a free account. Gradually I decided to grow further and bought a domain name. Presently, my website is just a few months old.

I transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress. The platform was a whole new experience and from a free account to a paid one was a big decision. Initially, so many things went wrong. I was confused about connecting the accounts with Jetpack and Gravatar. And the result was depression at once. I was about to declare myself a failure when suddenly I stopped myself right away.


I came across this great saying by Mahatma Gandhi. This saying was very apt for my situation. I read the lines and tried to understand. I searched for that belief in me. I believed in my capabilities that are why I took this bold step and shifted my blog to a self-hosted one. I just needed that perfect bit to get started.

My problems were far away from their solutions. But I had to solve it. And this strong feeling got me ahead. I started believing in the fact that things are getting better. I will work hard towards solving them. I had to try out for a solution. Many new friends from blogging world helped me out. From each one of them, I learned a bit of something or the other. Big thanks to all my blogger friends.

But still, the problem remained the same. At many stages, I broke down. Then again got up with the same belief that I have to find a solution at any cost. I was getting tired of trying a new thing and facing that same problem again. I had drenched myself with almost everything. Now, I was losing hope and left the things to God.

I told him that I have tried my bit and now it is your turn to help me out. I am drained.

” When God solves your problems. you believe in his abilities. When God does not solve your problems, he believes in your abilities. And my experience says that either you leave on God before only or God waits till you try all your hands hard. When you are all exhausted and there’s no way out, you see a ray of hope. That is your belief in God; Belief in yourself. Like your mother caresses you when in trouble, God also shows you the way.

And you are the one to take the initiative and yes the solution pops up in no time. You have to visualise the future before. The picture of everything into its right place. You have to believe in this picture that this will happen. When you are trying best of your abilities, things ought to be right.

And when your belief meets the reality, you don’t believe your eyes. was it the solution you had been trying for so long? Oh man! the feeling of achievement cannot be expressed in words. The feeling has to be experienced personally only!

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37 thoughts on “B-Belief

  1. Geethica, what I loved about your blog is how personal you made it and it is clear where you derive your faith and strength from..God! Beautiful and an honest post! Keep writing! Love n Cheers!

  2. I so believe in the power of affirmations and I use them to solidify my intentions about things I am confused about.
    Kudos to you for getting so far in your blog; its similar to my story and I know how tough it was! 🙂

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    B is for BodyArt #atozchallenge

  3. Oh, the site looks great Geethica. Loved reading your journey. It’s true that once we believe we can do something, nothing is impossibleThailand Travel Stories at Kohl Eyed Me
    26 Indian Dishes at Something’s Cooking.

  4. I think the final product speaks for itself. The site looks great. And yes, readers may not realize how much we fret to get the look just right.

    1. Thanks Tina for appreciating. I am learning from you on how to make my blog easy to access. That’s what I feel when I visit yours.

  5. It is important to believe and that’s what I have also written in my todays post. Belief can help us to be more confident and take on anything without fear.

  6. I really like that quote: when God does not solve your problems, He has faith in your abilities. Such an important thing to remember, and so difficult to do so at times! All the best with the challenge
    Ros from Fangirl Stitches

  7. The second post I’ve read on belief today. So let me ask you the same question… What would you call a belief that you can land on your feet if you jump out of the 23rd floor and actually JUMP?

    1. To this I would say that if I have to live more I will be on my feet after jumping from 23rd floor. And if I have to die anyhow, I will die at my home also where I am all secured. It is all about your belief which can not be imposed on anybody! Thanks for commenting.

  8. Hahahaha – I loved your God quote about belief. Amazing. Great B post. Happy to be here – good luck with the A to Z
    Blame #Lexicon of Leaving

  9. Isn’t it such a beauty to be a part of a community that is ready to help you 24*7! And yes, it’s all possible only because you had belief and that made you take a step ahead!


  10. Blogging is such a steep learning curve isn’t it Geethica – we think we are doing well and then a whole lot of new challenges pop up. It’s good training for the brain and I am so proud of how far I’ve come (although I don’t think I’ll ever bother paying to self-host)
    Leanne | cresting the hill


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