Mom can also be a Blogger

After a gap, I am writing again. I realised how much fun had I been missing by not linking my posts. And to re-start, The topic is the one close to my heart. There are many myths attached to a woman’s life after she becomes a mom. I also thought in the same way until I experienced myself.

Today, I want to share some of my fruitful experiences with you all.

  1. Being a mom does not end your dream life. This is a myth that I also believed for so many years. But here I am; writing for my passion, making new friends without meeting them. And who have become friends for life.
  2. Enjoy chasing your dream. Your blogging should not be seen as a task to finish, which I also do sometimes, but as a moment to cherish. It should be taken as a way to vent out your thoughts and opinions.
  3. Sometimes, it is acceptable to be guilty. When you take out some of your child’s precious time and give it your other love-Blogging, you feel guilty. But that’s ok. Children should also be taught to be a little independent and the fact that mom also needs some ‘me’ time.
  4. Not always earnings. Blogging may not always be done with a perspective to earn. Like, I now know the sites that pay you for the sponsored posts. But I don’t write for them only. Because blogging is also to revive your love and search for all the lost words of your dictionary.
  5. Time management is the key to my success. It all starts right from the brain. Plan your time ahead which also saves your time and energy. Divide your time between household chores and family. Adjust your blogging in between in such a way that makes you feel present everywhere.

 When you are calm, your surroundings automatically work in your favour!

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10 thoughts on “Mom can also be a Blogger

  1. Excellent tips, Geethica. I agree with the points here. Being a mom doesn’t mean that we should not pursue our dreams. By managing time efficiently we can realize our dreams, passions as well as find time for family and household chores. Writing for the fun of it is my kind of writing. 😀


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