Verbal gratitude

Everybody needs appreciation. When we do good to others; help them in some ways, we need appreciation from them. That’s human nature. Some sort of gratitude is always wanted from the other person. Being silent does not fill that space.


Communication is the most important tool among humans. Without this, every relation is incomplete. Exchange of emotions shows that we care about each other. When somebody helps us and we feel good, the gratitude should not be kept inside. We should thank the person and let them know that they are special to us. When we give out good to nature, in turn, we receive the same from nature. That is the law of nature.

Gratitude need not be silent

Similarly, gratitude needs to be verbal. Keeping it inside only thinking the other person would understand does not hold true. This leads to miscommunication and leads to conflicts and confusion. And with a simple word of gratitude ‘Thank You’ relations get better. Likewise, we love and that love needs to be told. Then only the feeling would be reciprocated, else half said emotions only lead to broken relationships.

Experienced myself

Last night, my 4.5-year-old son asked for water in the middle of the night. Irritated, I got up and checked up the clock that showed 4 o clock. I rubbed my eyes and gave him water. In a while, he slept lied down. Then suddenly, I heard him saying,’Thank you Maa’. As soon I heard those magical words, I smiled back and caressed him on the forehead. And slept happily. I realised how a small boy has also learnt to show gratitude and when we get a little older, we start taking others for granted. We think that our loved ones will understand themselves and they do also. But a sign of gratitude will surely make their day, I am sure. They will feel happy as soon as they see gratitude from your side for their good behaviour.

Promise to me

Today onwards, I promise to myself that I will acknowledge even the smallest way of gratitude from my loved ones and will remember to return it back. I will never feel shy of thanking anybody and would encourage you all to take the pledge with me.

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