Turning point in Life-Kids

This is a very emotional way to evaluate yourself. Being a mom has changed my life totally. Many changes are sweet and some are sour. But the best part is when I look at the miracles around me, that God has blessed me with and I forget everything.

What the world notices in a new mom is only the physical change. But there is more to me than that. My kids have taught me so many things. I have evolved as a newly transformed human being.

  • Patient I was not aware of this word before. I wanted everything on my plate on time. But…..is life always the same? Not at all. Kids made me practise to instil patience in my behaviour. Without adding this quality into my character I cannot be a mom
  • Selfless– This change in me is simply the most beautiful one. I can’t think of myself without my kids. I am not my own priority but my kids. If anything is to be done has to be done for them first. And I don’t regret myself. It is a sweet reward that comes with motherhood.
  • Superwoman- I need to accept the fact that I am no superwoman and I can’t handle everything at once. I need to let go some things when kids are not listening or for that matter even if your man is also not listening to you.
  • Multi-Dimensional-  As a mom only, I learned that life is multi-dimensional. There is more to life than just being a mom. I need to enjoy life as a woman too. I need to change my perspective and take out time for doing things that I love. That is when I started Blogging.
  • Happiness- However high I may rise in my career, I need someone to share my victory with. How much deep I may be in a depression but when I turn around to my kids, there comes a smile on my face. And that relaxes my facial bones and my nerves stay calm.

There is much more to the list but as of now, these are the closest to my heart. Waiting eagerly to read your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Turning point in Life-Kids

  1. These are amazing thoughts geethica….kids helps us learn a lot of lifes curves and especially being patient thats soemthing i lacked badly but my bay taught me that nicely 🙂


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