The Happy me!

Dwelling myself in search for the traits that I am not thankful for, was not easy. It took me some time to realise that I am blessed if I don’t possess some things or habits in me.

I am Thankful for

  • Not craving for more– I am satisfied with what I am and what I have. And this makes me content. I do not run after the want of more.
  • Not being diet conscious– After motherhood, the first thing in mind is to get back in shape. Exercising and controlled diet goes hand in hand with a perfect body. Morning walk is a morning ritual for me. I eat everything but in control. I am not over possessive of food. I enjoy what I eat and that makes me fit because perfection needs to be in mind not in the body.
  • Not being God-Fearing– I love my God, I have faith in Him. God is there inside me and I love myself. I know what happens to me is good for me. I am thankful that I don’t fear God but love Him because I am his creation.
  • Not being shady– My personality is same for all. I am transparent inside out and I don’t possess different characters for different people in my life. I have no grey shades in me.
  • Not being comparative–  I am thankful for what God has created me like. I don’t aspire to be like someone else instead learn from them to add the quality in me. I dare to accept my weaknesses and work on them to improve.

We should always be thankful to God for what we have. Because what we don’t have was not meant for us and there is still more to come.

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6 thoughts on “The Happy me!

  1. It requires a lot of inner strength to be so grateful and content. I will really try applying a few

  2. I am always craving more – never satisfied with the current – without that feeling i feel i am not growing!!! Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays


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