Maintaining love- a challenge

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Being February, the month is over-loaded with LOVE. It is blooming everywhere, on every prompt. It’s like plucking some leaves from the flower of love and celebrating with all.

The love you share with your spouse is the basis for all relationships around. And it is important to maintain this lovely relationship. Every single lover has a story of her own and own experiences to share.

Some highlighted features to understand him better and maintain the love you share are:

  • Respect each other

Respect here never means that you fear your partner. Respect is equalised with love in a relationship. When you love him, you tend to respect his feelings, his thinking. When you respect him, the love follows by and overwhelms you.

  • Let the ego go

This is the toughest one, I know. And in many situations, it challenges your love for him. But once, with brave heart when you let the ego go and work towards your relationship, you feel proud of yourself. It feels you on the top of the world. Observe carefully, this gesture is returned back from his side.

Yes, a man also let his ego down, be it a little late. Because he sees his woman doing the same.

  • Put the argument on hold

When issues are heating up, it is sincere to stop at that moment only. Keep on arguing will lead you to nowhere. When things get calmer, you will be able to keep your point of view in front of him. When things are done at the right time, their essence seems to be there for lifelong.

  • Money is sensitive

Whether you are financially independent or dependent on your partner, you need to be cautious of how you bring money into your conversation. The higher you go with money in your life, the more your feet should be grounded into Earth. Remember to never show off where all are spending and what are his shortcomings. A man is deeply hurt when he is shown off his disabilities in financial terms. Always be humble because that is what you want in reciprocation.

  • Small catch-ups

Enjoy the little time you two get to spend together. Away from the eyes of family and kids, this duo time is important to realise that there is still so much which is exclusively for you two.

  • Bedtime talks

Keep aside all the small and big talks for the time when you retire for the day. This time is only for you two when both of you discuss your day’s experience. It is like a live diary that makes your bonding more strong forever.

What do you feel? Do share your views in the comment box and let me know what you liked the most.

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24 thoughts on “Maintaining love- a challenge

  1. You summed up so effectively points which we struggle to do at every point in life. Not that we dont know, just thats sometimes situations take over. Love always should win. I think Love should always have upper hand.

  2. Wow Geethica!!
    Totally loved each and every single word and I really mean it.
    Every word that you have used is like feelings doing the talking

  3. What an amazing take on love…Yes love does not only mean being sweet and mushy but respect for each other, healthy discussions , bed-time talks everyhting makes a relaitonship what it is 🙂

  4. You have absolutely nailed it all Geethica 🙂
    Very nice and easy to apply tips.

    Thank u for linking with us 🙂

  5. These are some great tips and I believe it is important for both the partners to understand these things. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments


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