Love all around!

Love is when he reads your eyes before your lips could say
when he respects you for your talent and not just the duties 
when he takes care of the minute details that would make you happy.
Love is when he makes little changes in his behaviour that would please you
when he keeps quiet on your disagreements and 
patiently waits for you to understand and change
when he shares your workload and makes you at ease
when he changes his own habits and come out of his comfort zone only for you.
Love is not compromising but involving.
Love is not to adjust but to embrace with each other.
Love is when you look at him every day and realise 
you are incomplete without him.
Love is to thank God for the love in your life
to thank Him for the prosperity around you.
Love is to thank God for feeling the presence of Him.


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12 thoughts on “Love all around!

  1. That’s some nice poetry. Love is surely a wonderful feeling which makes our world go round in more ways than one :).

  2. how beautiful lines there Geethica – we remember god only in times of adversity but hardly thank Him for all he has given. I make it a point to do it.


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