Gifting your way

Frankly speaking, thinking of what to gift your loved one is a tough task. And that too, every year is always challenging.

But gifting is always special to your heart. I have shared some easy ways to decide gifts for your partner. I hope they prove to be helpful for you.

  • Decide the gift according to his likings and usefulness and not what you like for him. This way he gets to know how much you care about him and his needs.

  • Keep a track of the things that might finish in near future. And if that’s affordable, then you are done!

  • Keep your mind open whenever you visit a store. Don’t wait for the last minute and avoid the rush. I know online shoppings are handy but you should be well prepared in advance.

  • DIY- If you have time and he likes reading cards, then your are done. Quilling is the best option. It is very creative and loving. The toolkit comes with easy steps to follow.

I know we writers are a stationary freak and creative from inside. You can try making a card with available resources at home and with a personalised photo along with quilling to make more close to heart.

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7 thoughts on “Gifting your way

  1. Gifting friends or loved ones is always a tough ask for me. I may know the person very well but when it comes to buying something, I generally get nervous thinking whether the person will like it or not. Quilling sounds good you know. I never knew about it till few months back when my cousin sis told me what quilling was all about. Sounds fun and creative :).


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