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Hey, Friends, this post is by popular demand. In my last post-Easy Blogging, I have discussed some of the applications on Android that have made my life easier.

One such application is PEEL SMART REMOTE.  Mostly, it is pre-installed on the phones. But, if not it is easy to install.

Why do you need this on your phone?

Many times, are you not frustrated when you don’t find your TV remote at home. While watching a DVD, there is a second remote to follow. Oh, it is getting messy and to top it over…..if there are kids at home…..then

Worry not, Worry not

Now with a single click, your phone turns into a smart remote. A remote for all; TV, DVD, TATASKY or any other digital connection.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s all in one and I guess our phones are our lifelines, so we don’t loose them or be away from it for a second.

Easy steps to install:

  • Go to Google playBrowse for Peel Smart Remote or simply type in:


  • After downloading and installing it, open the app and the screen looks like this:

  • Follow the steps to feed in your TV name and your digital box (TATASKY)
  • As you can see on the screen; at the bottom right corner there is a remote made and above in the drop down menu I have chosen DVD option. you can also choose My room option and save the settings as per your convenience.
  • Once you have stored your TV and TATASKY into the memory, it searches and stores the TV guide. you can check it out here.

  • Now see your TV remote is ready. At any given point of time press this yellow remote button and you will get your remote on your mobile:

  • Here, I have attached my DVD settings along with my TV settings. Therefore, my remote looks like this.
  • This allows me to operate all three in one go
Simple, isn’t it?
Try for yourself and do let me know your experience in the comment box below.
Any queries are most welcome, I am all here to help you out.
So let’s start and enjoy the new functionality on our phones!!



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