Appreciate not Envy

Envy is like a child to the word ‘Jealousy’. As jealousy is considered to be a devil, its baby the word ‘Envy’ could be taken as a less negative aspect of our character. But the result is the same. In some time, it will grow into its parent only.

Ever wondered why envy is associated with colour Green?

I tried to explore this fact and learned something new that I wanted to share with you.

In the ancient Greek theory of medicine, which long governed medical treatment, it was believed that an imbalance of certain “humour” produced one’s physical symptoms. Jealousy was considered to result in an excess of bile, which would give a pale-greenish cast to the skin. This idea remained popular for centuries, though it underwent some transformations. It famously appears in “Othello,” when Iago refers to jealousy as a “green-eyed” monster.

So this is how we turn green when we are envious!

Overcoming the trait

Some amount of Envy is always present in everybody. I too possess this attribute in myself. But the trick is to overcome this.  When I start turning green with envy, I stop myself right there and ask myself ‘ Is this what I want back from nature? Then why am I giving this out?’

I have been successful to some extent also. But it is a reoccurring process. You need to keep practising whenever envy takes a better hand over your character. Whenever I feel I am envious of someone, I force myself to think about my own qualities. The good qualities God has engraved in me. Am I not wasting all my talent in course of becoming like somebody else? Am I not insulting God’s creation?

When I perform good, I thank God for the strength in me. And God feels happy as my parents do. Similarly, when I try to copy somebody, start comparing myself with others, God feels bad.

When I feel envious that someone is fitter than me or somebody is shopping more than me, I revert my feelings and thank God for the comforts I have been blessed with. This makes me happy that very moment and makes me feel powerful. I sense the aura in me. The aura that makes me positive; closer to God. It makes me realise that God is the only one whom I want and not these materialistic things in life.

Learn to accept the fact that if the other is possessing a thing that is in his destiny. You can not snatch what is written in his/her destiny. Likewise, what is yours will always be yours no matter what may come.

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16 thoughts on “Appreciate not Envy

  1. Green eyed monster reminds me of the Onida TV ad – remember it?

    Agree with your thought G – we should count and thank our blessings instead of feeling sorry or envying others for not having what they have!

  2. Thank you Geethica, for taking the envy meaning to another level.
    Happy to see you link again!

  3. You are so right buddy and can I agree more… each one of us is a special creation of God and must be respected for his/her qualities. A thoughtful post , gave me a good start of the day like love❤


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