Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Aadidev wanted to be in the park the whole day. It was getting dark and on a winter evening, 5:30 also follows a dark sky. But all my trials were in vain, he just didn’t want to be back home. He was not even feeling hungry or thirsty.

He was happy playing in the sand; dirtying his hands and soiling his clothes. Aadidev has just turned 4 years last October and he had become more mischevious. Bribing him with some chocolates and to watch some cartoon, I succeeded in bringing him back home.

He was immersed in soil from head to toe and I was clueless about cleaning him. I changed his clothes first and then it was easier to wash his feet and hands. He just wanted to eat his chocolates stating that the colour of both his hands and chocolate are the same. Then why should I wash my hands first? That was a cute question from a 4-year-old. And kids really make your brain to exercise more.

I smiled back at him and started washing his hands with GODREJ PROTEKT HAND SANITIZER. It is not just any other hand sanitizer. The alcohol in an ordinary sanitizer dries your palms and the triclosan does worse than any good.

But this sanitizer fights germs for 8 hours straight without any break. It is naturally derived and hence alcohol-free. That is why they call it ‘not just another hand sanitizer.

The spray has many salient features:

  • It is kids safe
  • It is 99.9% germs free
  • It is a spray- spreads better and spreads faster
  • It is green afterlife; 100% recyclable, 100% beautiful and 100% guilt-free
  • It is 98% naturally derived.


  • The best part is that it contains 200 sprays in a small bottle. It can be carried anywhere conveniently.

Have a look yourself and get a glimpse of this magical spray


The day I bought GODREJ PROTEKT HAND SANITIZER, I never feared my boy playing in the dirt. I am always confident that my sanitizer will fight back germs.

A very big thanks to GODREJ PROTEKT to introduce such a fussfree hand sanitizer. Now Aadidev can soil himself in the dirt for endless hours and I will not be nagging him anymore.

To make it easier for you, I have got the product here only. It is just a click away!

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