The unseen love

LOVE can never be expressed in words. Being a writer I have tried to paint my page with beautiful phrases defining love. And when I re-read my work, I ask myself- Does my love really fits in well? It is an emotion that can only be felt; an emotion that cannot be bounded within words.
When I first met him, some 12 years ago, I was not sure what was love. In fact, the concept was limited to what I had grasped through movies. That was what I saw but never felt. I was in my early 20’s and was excited to get my personal feeling for someone.
I am not sure was it love at sight or a sense of belongingness. But I was sure that he was the one for me. I think God gives you a signal when you are meeting the man made for you.
My love for him has grown deeper over the years. We both were younger when we got married. It feels like we have literary grown together.
Love has made me selfless. I have realised that gradually my ego vanishes when it comes to my love. His actions may not show love always but when I actually need him, he is there. When I want to be emotionally dependent on someone, he is there.
When words can’t help me through, he reads my eyes. That’s Love.
Love has taught me to be excited like a child again. When I get a chance to for coffee dates, I secretly blush.
After spending a decade with him, my love for him has matured. I don’t fight with him over disagreements instead leave it on time so that it heals itself. And slowly, we both know the likes and dislikes of each other. This makes complexities of situation simpler.
Gradually, my favourite dishes have changed according to him and he has started reading a lot like me.
Looking forward to growing older with him and laughing together over the past mistakes that were silly to remember.
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7 thoughts on “The unseen love

  1. Thank you for Linking up for #HappySunday in my blog. Love is something that you feel, and this emotion can be profound and incredibly deep. Explaining love or trying to put this feeling into words is impossible though, it is something that you just feel and know. Poets and scholars have been trying to express love using words for hundreds of years and they fail because this would be like capturing the moon. Love makes you happy, excited, sad, and fearful all at the same time. It is a whirlwind that you can only ride out, never knowing exactly where you will end up and hoping for the best yet fearing the worst will happen. Love can be so powerful that it is much greater than ordinary words can describe, like the love a new parent has for their child or the love between a couple who have been married for 50 years. Words alone are not enough to express how love makes you feel or to describe the warm glow and constant sense of anticipation and excitement that you feel when you get to see the one you love and spend time together.

    1. Yes very true. I am amazed at your writing. You can write about a topic that cannot be well expressed with words. 😄 It took me so long to find words,the number of words you have written in the comments box. ☺


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