The Budget Savvy

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Budget making was an alien word to me until I started taking charge of my own household expenses. At first, this was a little stressful. But we women have the power of making every complex thing simple. It is truly said that Practice makes you perfect. And that happened to me also.

Now I am proud to accept that I can manage the expenses and also from the given amount. You can also learn the trick, just follow my steps:

  • Always plan ahead.

    Keep in mind the area of expenses in advance. This way you will avoid any unplanned expenditure at the end.

  • Know the exact quantity.

    Don’t try to make the shop at home. Buy only the quantity needed in the month ahead. This way you will save money for other unplanned things that pops up at any time.

  • Educate children early

    It’s wise to teach your children to buy toys one at a time. I know they don’t listen at once but let them cry for sometime.  When you stick to one principle they will be bound to listen to you.

  • Bribe your child

    Reward your child with one gift if he does one good thing, be it cleaning his shelf or keeping things back to their place. They will stop nagging at all times.  And will learn some good habits.

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  • Pay the bills first

    Make it a practice to pay your monthly bills in the first week itself. This way you will get to know what amount is left for other things.

  • Listen to your inner voice

    When you doubt over buying some product or service. Then the answer is a  big ‘NO’.  Because many times, you buy unnecessary things just to ask yourself later ‘did I really need it? I could have saved on this’.

There are plenty of tips from our daily lives. I am sure you would also have some. Do share with everybody in the comments below.

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