My Dream of becoming a Blogger

There are many benefits of living up your dream. Today, I am on the path of fulfilling one of my largest dream. In fact, the only dream I was born for. I am thankful to God that I got to know about it at least by now and am working hard towards achieving it.

And that is Blogging. I never knew it will be so beneficial and ย I want to share some of the advantages with you all:


Writing has always given me the ultimate calmness. I use to write every now and then in my early years and then forgot in my busy days. I am thankful to God that being a blogger gave me a reason to write every day.

2. Reading

I have grown up reading novels. Gradually, I started reading non-fiction books also. I am thankful to God that reading has become my daily habit today.


Reading dictionary daily to learn a new word had sounded boring to ย me. But now I am thankful to God for being a blogger enriches my vocabulary with every new read.

4.My voice

Being a blogger has given a voice to my views and my ideas. I reach numerous people everyday through my write ups. And that makes thankful again.

5.Personality development

Being a blogger has given me immense confidence. I am sure that what I write is good and the reviews from my readers are improving me everyday. That makes me thankful to God for shaping my personality.

6.New friends

Through blogging I realized that there are real friends in virtual world also.I am thankful to God that I met some really awesome friends here.

7.Helping others

Blogging has taught me the art of helping others through sharing. My friends, here, have shown me the satisfaction that we get through sharing and the fun involved.


Writing has always been a way to give out my emotions whether good or bad. I am grateful to God that blogging gives me a way to share those with the world. Blogging is therapeutic to me.


Thanks to blogging, now I know how to make use of internet at most. More than paperbacks, this medium is faster in publishing your work and reaching a wider range of audience.


When you earn from the work you love, what more could you ask from God? I am really thankful to God that today I am financially independent. My creativity has given me a chance to keep growing and learning from every niche.

While writing this blog, I thought what can be 10 reasons to be thankful? Isn’t it too much? But as I started writing, I culd count on numerous reasons to be thankful for being a blogger.

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15 thoughts on “My Dream of becoming a Blogger

  1. Yes the blogging journey has made all of us wiser and has helped in discovering so many people. Loved all the points Geethica, thanks for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays


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