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Because I am born happy

On a winter morning, I feel the warmth

from first rays of sun falling on my face.

I feel like touching eternity and back

from the first sip of coffee reaching my brain

Because I am happy

I enjoy listening to my favourite tune

while taking a walk in the garden.

I find answers to my unsolved questions

when I look up at the sky

Because I am happy

I look around nature for new opportunities

and organise my day ahead

I can finish my work set for the day in time

and stay focused

Because I am happy

I feel charged up for the whole day

not with food but positive vibes.

I can change my approach from negative

to positive

Because I am happy

I make new friends and learn from them every second

I can recognise messengers of God from the people around me

Because I am happy

Because I am born to be happy

Because I will be happy always

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