Have we learnt enough?

This week I Have been chosen as the featured blogger of the week in #ClickAndABlogStory with @dewcool2 and @Slimexpectation. And that gives me a chance to host the linky with both of them.

This is a new experience for me. And with this, I will be learning a new concept too.

Learning is like breathing

like an ongoing process

From the day I am born

I have been learning

like the way, I have been breathing

like the way, I have been growing.

And the process will always continue

as the sun shines

as the flower blossoms

as the life continues

With every step, a new thing is learnt

With every experience, a new lesson is learnt

With new relations, a new adjustment is learnt

Learning can never be enough

like the way

One life can never be enough

to learn all.

Currently, I am learning every day through my blogging journey. I have learnt to be selfless and the concept that when you help others first, you are also helped.

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#ClickandBlogAStory linky Week 4 Prompt


From learning a new language to mastering in art skills or trying out new recipe style, share a story about a moment you set out to learn something new.

For this week’s ClickandBlogAStory Linky Challenge, share a story about learning something new, unique, out of the way. Something new you learn out of curiosity? Try new ideas or new dance or writing style? Was it a success or a flop? Has that knowledge stayed with you, or is get covered under dust long ago?

Don’t limit yourself to experiences.Learn is never ending.We get to learn in so many different environments and from different people, We are welcoming an enlightening learning conversation as a recap of your roller coaster adventures from your memories

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