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I always enjoy writing on paper. Today also when I get some ideas in my mind, I jot down in my diary first. But blogging has to be through net only. Initially, it was a little difficult for me. It took me some time to get familiar with the keyboard. Gradually, I have realised that the virtual friends made here are like me. We all share common interests and liking for writing, reading, stationary etc.
My Samsung phone note 3 neo is my virtual friend today. And all thanks to blogging. My 95% of a post is prepared and promoted through my phone only. Though I am working out that my total writing can be done through my mobile. This will help me when I am outdoors; can’t access my laptop and the deadline is hanging over my head.
But what makes my mobile so easier to use?
How am I able to juggle my mommy jobs with writing needs?
That’s all because of the applications available with today’s smartphones. I am really very fascinated with their working and would like to share with you all.

  1. Google Drive: This application has made writing and sharing easier in real terms. With me, working on mobile one second and on the laptop the other second, saving in google drive is very handy. I don’t need to start from scratch.
  2. Gmail: The mailing has become an important host where all the information is stored and needs to be accessible from any device. I have almost started emailing through my phone only with appropriate screen shots.
  3. HDFC Bank mobile banking: This application is handy whenever I need to check my balance, payments and deposits with just a 4 digit pin. I no more have to go through the lengthy process as before on laptops.


  4. My Airtel app: I have a pre-paid connection without a mobile data since I use Wi-Fi. But at times when I on the move and need internet at most. I just have to click away to recharge my internet and there are so many options that suit my needs.
  5.  Peel Smart Remote TV Guide: This is something very awesome. So many times, at home with kids, the remote is the first thing that gets lost. And all thanks to this app on my phone, it runs all my devices- TV, DVD etc.


I am thankful all these applications on my phone that have made my blogging life much easier that thought.
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  1. Hey i didnt know about peel smart monkey app….my rmeote is always lost and we spend hours finding it. thanks for tellin me i am gonna go and try now if it is compatible with my devices.


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