Destiny followed by Serendipity

I found my love in writing. During my school days, I used to write my diary. Then slowly,  I started writing for the school magazine. In the course of making a career, my writing took a back seat.  My life took many turns and gradually I settled for a family. My writing had become very occasional by now. Whenever I felt good from inside, I wrote. Sometimes when I felt alone, writing used to be my best buddy. Then for some years, the habit of writing just got lost in the mist.


But all this time, I kept examining myself. I wanted to know where does my creativity lies in? What is that one thing, my soul is craving for?

What makes me happy and what is therapeutic to me when I am sad?

Dreams coming to reality

That’s when I read Education Times about a Creative Writing course. That was my first stair towards my goal. I started writing again. I began to breathe again. My lungs filled with freshness again. This time it was professional. It was a short term course for 2 months. As soon as I finished the course, I searched for freelance writing in magazines and newspapers.

Morale going down

I had emailed to numerous editors with my work with the hope that some publisher would reply someday. Slowly I stopped searching for work. I had no objective to write. I made a blog but I had no audience. I was again at square one. I kept myself busy in family matters. I almost forgot I am a writer. My love had lost its charm. Thinking about it pained me deep in my heart.

Moment of Serendipity

I flavoured my life with different hobbies but nothing seemed to be impressive enough. Someday in the month of May 2016, I received a mail from Woman’s Era magazine. I was sitting with family and while talking to them I read the mail. I didn’t understand the mail. I had to detach myself and read it again. And then I realised that one of my poems got published in their magazine of which they had sent me a pdf file also. I received my first cheque; appreciation for my talent.

This was something unbelievable. This was my true moment of serendipity. I had almost lost my hope. I didn’t even remember what work I had sent to this magazine and when. This came to me as a real surprise. It made me believe that yes I am a writer and nothing in this life can deny the fact. My writing got a life again. I started writing again and added to my blog at the same time. I browsed the internet for the content related sites.

I came across Mycity4kids. It interested me and I wrote it. With some articles old, I felt the topic were monotonous. It portrayed the same issues concerning kids, families, in-laws etc. I thought I needed to move above all that and so I tried to delete my profile from there.

Parallel to this, I had joined BlogBuddy 3.0 with Blogchatter with the thought ‘what’s the harm in just signing up?’ Within a month or so, they started their activity and I got introduced to the world of Blogging; my another moment of Serendipity. I moulded myself into the habit of reading, commenting and sharing. I made some awesome friends here who have become friends for life now. I made a loyal audience. I learned the concept of sharing and following in order to have your own following.

One day, while having lunch at home, I received a call from a lady from www.mycity4kids.com who offered me a sponsored post for Savlon handwash. My article got selected and got paid. This was one more moment of Serendipity in my life. 

The Liquid Chalk Sticks

While flipping through the pages of my life, I can find so many favours from God. And I am thankful to God for each and every moment of my life.

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24 thoughts on “Destiny followed by Serendipity

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring story of serendipity and resilience. I love it. There are so many different ways to be a writer now, we just have to keep going. Thanks for sharing this x

  2. Hey swthrt, its always a pleasure landing on your blog. So true that you write straight from the heart. Don’t write for anyone to credit your work, write for yourself to appease your heart, to satisfy the quench within..to satiate the writer in yourself.. and the world shall soon fall on your feet.


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