Bengaluru or the whole India?

Molestation, eve-teasing, rape are the words echoing in my ears since childhood. I don’t know were there news more 25 years back or are they now in the present. I, as a woman first then a mother of a girl, can never understand where to start from. This is the shame of our country. This is the mindset of the man in India. But why is it so? And who is to be blamed?

Bengaluru molestation case

When you get up to a nerve-wracking news early on the first of the year, what more do you expect? Frankly speaking, now I have stopped reading such incidents. They just sadden me more. And I have discussed almost every aspect with my family members?

  • The first day the newspapers are blaming the crowd.
  • The next day they say it was not the case of molestation but of over crowdedness where both men and women were harassed.
  • Further next, the news fade away.
  • This is the result almost every time.

Why does it happen? How can this be controlled?

  • The first and the foremost cause is no fear of punishment among the people. Our law is not strict enough. And the case is always pending for years. Once the law becomes strong enough, offenders will automatically think twice to commit such crime.
  • If I am to give the judgement, the offender should be hanged till dead as soon as he is proved guilty. The fear of death will perspire him before he thinks to commit such a crime. 
  • The mindset of the man. The way he looks at a girl, woman, or any age group. When they are born from a woman only, then why is there a need to teach them to respect that lady? The respect should be instilled since their birth only.
  • If I have to teach them, I will tell them to first pray to all Goddesses and learn the fact that the women are only their forms on earth.
  • The environment at home is one of the major causes. Boys look up to their elders to understand the existence of woman. How women are addressed should be taught from initial years only.
  • The men should respect the lady at home first. Respect should start from self only. The young boys watch their elders and make an impression on their mind. 
  • Ladies, particularly actresses and the aspiring ones, in the media have spoiled the Indian culture.They have started exposing their bodies too much which is not correct.  Those ladies are protected within a set of people around them But what happens to the people who watch them. And most importantly how do they take this in their minds. Many polluted categories of men feel to touch and want to be with those ladies which they can’t. As a result, they are frustrated and this frustration is taken out on the ladies they can find around them. Are we ladies commodity that they use? Can they treat us anyway? Their way?
  • I agree that girls should not be judged by the way they dress up. And girls wearing Indian clothes are also teased and raped. But the culprits who are frustrated watching the girls on television pounce upon the ladies on road. Then they are not concerned about the background or the dressing. That time they see the woman just as a product.
  • This crime has increased so much and is still increasing. This vast number cannot be controlled by a single authority or by a single remedy but all in a whole.

The views expressed here are my personal opinions and are not meant to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

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16 thoughts on “Bengaluru or the whole India?

  1. Your post has both anger and compassion in it. We need to change as whole and lets begin that at home. However, I would like to make just one addition, boys/men can also get raped and it is equally bad. Rapists do not consider age or gender. Sad and true.

  2. I love your thoughts on this issue. When men are born to a woman, why is there still a need to instil respect – it should come automatically. It’s a very valid point. Very well written post. Cheers

  3. I agree with you. Women have been treated as a commodity on television, however we as a society are also responsible when we do not voice against such projections. Why do such crappy movies run to full house? Why do we just laugh it off when some hero calls ‘Chamiya’ or the other crap? Why is it not offensive when hero says “Ab karunga tere saath gandi baat”? We are equally to blame. TV channels show women as regressive while movies show them as commodity.

    1. Very true Neha. Television has the greatest impact on our minds. And when they don’t give due respect to women then how can we expect from others?

  4. Agree completely with you geethica. We need this change. Men in India (not just India actually) have turned sick. It has now become a mental problem i guess

  5. I agree that we need some action on this now…I think even at home guys need some reality check. There is differential treatment between guys and girls , this needs to stop.

  6. It’s shocking that things like this happen,people forget and they happen again.Psychologuses say molesters and rapists have deep seated psychological problems .Mistlikely arising from childhood issues which may be centred around mother child bonding or its lack.
    Rarely does this heinous crime arise out of clothes people wear.It’s more often a way of feeling powerful and to dominate over the female gender.
    We definitely need more discussion and concrete lawas

    1. Thanks for educating me about the psychology of such men Amrita. This mentality can be the main reason for doing such act but I personally feel that ladies on the television expose too much of their body which is also not required. Beauty is not from what you show but also from what is hidden.

  7. We need this change…we need some strict laws…but who is listening to us…we need to make our voice loud…i dont know if anythign would change but atleast we brought our views forward.

  8. Geethica..I agree that there is a need for a bigger change and some strong laws. But I don’t think we can blame any lady or our actresses for wearing small clothes. I think people need to change their thinking then blaming others for what is happening around us. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments 🙂


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