The thankful way

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There are endless people to whom I am thankful for their presence in my life. Often I don’t realise someone’s contribution as long as they are present with me. But when I cherish the results later, I just smile and see the light. Today, I want to thank some important people who have played a pivotal role in my lifestyle.

1. GOD
I am thankful to God for every breath I take. He has given me my existence. When I have questions about our survival in this world, He answers me in different forms. And I get His signal.

2. My parents
I am thankful to my parents for providing me with a life full of roses. They have taught me to be adaptable to any situation; to respect elders and love the young ones. Because of them, I am like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Soft to touch but firm to shake.

3. My In-Laws
I am thankful to them for giving me a second life. What ambitions were left unfulfilled at my parent’s home have accomplished here. They have always supported me in every correct decision.

4. My Husband
I am thankful to him for he is always by my side. He is my pillar of strength. He has supported me in every possible way. He has always encouraged me to live up to my dreams.

5. My KidsI am thankful to them for showing me the brighter side of life. They have taught me to laugh and move on ahead of every problem. There’s more to life than tensions.

6. My Teacher
I am thankful to my tutor Late.V.K.Bhatt sir who gave confidence to my personality and Kalpita Sarkar at British Council, Delhi in shaping my career. She has moulded the creative side of my personality. It’s because of her I know what I am good at.

7. Blog chatter Community
I am thankful to Blog chatter for providing me with this magical platform. I have made such beautiful friends here. They are not only helpful but also very kind-hearted. I have met true encouragers of my work on this platform. I am growing every day.


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