The intangible gift

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‘ Gifts ‘ the word itself has many surprises packed inside. I don’t know about others. But this is a magical word to me since my childhood. I remember mom getting, one or the other gift always,  on her way back home. No matter how big you become but when you receive a gift, it brings a smile on your face. And if the gift comes as a surprise, then it leads to an engaging mystery.

But now as a grown up, I have learnt that gifts come as a gesture also. They can be in the form of intangible assets that are fruitful in life forever. At times when you are confused with unusual queries of life, then answers to them come as a gift.

There are many instances in my life where I have received my gift from God.  It is just the telepathy with God and my belief in Him. When you practice the technique of connecting your mind with God, your life becomes simpler.

I have grown up listening to the preaching ‘Take time for yourself.  always working for others leaves no time for yourself. So now it is time to work for yourself first’ 

I started following it. Then, some time later in life, I heard someone preach ‘Do everything for God, in return He will do for you.

Now there was a conflict. I was confused. I started searching for an answer to this. This was something I wanted to follow and I had started following it also.


I was not 100% convinced. I eyed for a medium of God. A small hint from His side would do.

And then, in the midst of deserted thoughts, I got an audio bookThe power of your sub-conscious mind by Joseph Murphy’. My brother-in-law Gaurav @gyanbygaurav gave this audio book to me. And this was my gift from God. The first answer to my dilemma. This book taught me that in order to be successful you should be a contributor to the society first. If you are selfish then your success will also be short term. What you give out to others will come back to you.

So I got 90% of my answer. From here I learnt that I should always stretch a helping hand to others first. When I help, I will be helped. First I should learn to serve the society. I was calmed now.

But some discomfort was still there in my mind. And I knew God was listening. I knew I will get my answer. Only I need to find his medium towards me.

And then, one day, I saw this post from my friend AMRITA @misra_amrita on twitter. This was my second gift from God and the final answer.

As it says, What you are is God’s gift to you and what you become is your gift to God. This explained me more that when I am successful, it is a gift to God from my side. Like our parents are happy when we achieve something in life. Same ways, God is also delighted to see us successful.

At many points in life, we get gifts as a gesture from others that takes us higher in life. Those ‘others’ are nobody else but mediums of God.

Review your life and you will also get examples of such gifts in your life.

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13 thoughts on “The intangible gift

  1. How I missed this quote from Amrita. It seems so real. Loved it to heights. Lovely read- God also love gifts. So, lets polish ourselves for almighty.#Bloggerbeatz

  2. What a thoughtful post, Geethica. Reading your post also made me think about how important it is to be mindful and conscious of our thoughts and actions because they definitely inform each other in many different ways. Whether one believes in God or not, (I am still ambivalent), for me at least, the belief in a higher power, a power greater than me, beyond me, if you will, is important to keep me humble, among other things.
    Thanks for linking with #BloggerBeatz

  3. I like the idea that you get back what you put it – if you are unselfish and giving then things will come back to you. I’m glad you got the message you were looking for. #bloggerbeatz

  4. There is no doubt that gifts have got special place in our daily life and people get pleased when they are gifted. It plays vital role in all sorts of relationships and in all type of events of our life. Whether a birthday, wedding, anniversary or something else, it works as a bond in a relationship. When gifts are exchanged, feelings are exchanged between two persons and they build trust between them. It speaks everything what a person can’t say to his/her beloved one directly. When the recipient receives it, he/she receives love and affection of the giver.A gift is something that makes your relationship stronger than before. If a person has got some problems with his/her beloved, a gift is the perfect solution for all sorts of problems because it is something that can bring happiness on every face. No matter young or old, rich or poor, it is something that is liked by every age group and every class. It also creates a special place of you in the heart of the recipient as he/she will always remember you until he/she has your gift.So, keep sending gifts and keep making your relationships stronger and better!

    Your post was so apt for my prompt/topic. Thank you for writing for the contest. Top 4 to be announced soon. Keep a watch on my tweets.

    1. Thanks Romila. I guess you have written much better in the comment only more than I have written in my blog. So much to learn from you. You are a real genius.

  5. I cannot relate to God, but that’s a different subject and extremely personal to me. But this post is nicely written and I like it because it is overflowing with thankfulness and content. I’m not talking about your thankfulness to God, but to the mediums (Dr. Basu for example). It is important to acknowledge the mediums 🙂

    1. Thanks Rohan. I am glad you liked the content taking into account that you can’t relate yourself to God. And yes it is extremely important to acknowledge the mediums first through which God connects with us.


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