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This blog had been pending for a long time now. As many of you, I was also not very familiar with the term SMO. And to be frank, I didn’t even know the full form of it. In fact, I kept hearing this term every now and then. But big thanks to the Blog chatter team to give personal time to the individual groups and giving expert advice to the bloggers so as to help them learn more and grow more.
After the session, I have learned a lot of things. And I would like to share this piece of knowledge with you all today.
Starting with the topic-SMO-Social Media Optimisation.
The word ‘optimisation’ means a lot here:
  1. Personal brand building
  2. Reaching the right audience through social media
  3. Reaching wider audience- going viral
  4. Generating content through social media(evolved levels)
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The first and the foremost thing is to focus on your content. Your content should always be engaging. Put in extra efforts to make your content readable and with practice also enjoyable.
Second important aspect is to know the ideal time of posting your content onto social media. Many times, we write very well. Our blog looks perfect but when we post it to social media, there are no readers or very fewer readers. Why so?
This is because we need to know at what time our readers are keen to read our stuff.  This can be attained by posting at different times of the day and analysing at what time your blog gets maximum viewers. Also important here is to know the gap between the days of two posts. Through hit n trial method only, we can be sure for the next time. And gradually, you will find that this works as a bonus to your quality content.
Now moving further, tell me what do understand by the term Personal Branding?
Any guesses?
Well, it’s nothing else but literally ‘you’ as a person online.
Yes, It is just you! What makes you different in this large sea of people? Where everyone is working on the same theme line then how would you be different? This is where you need to put in your creativity at its best. And trust me, when you work hard and with honesty, your work always stands out.
Taking SMO to the next level is to connect your blog post with correct hashtags ‘#’


In simpler words, this means that your content reaches the right readers or the company and they get to know of your content.
This small sign ‘#’ can give huge benefits to your blog. First of all, you have to create your personal hashtag. But nobody knows you personally, so who will click your hashtag?
The solution to this is to post your blog with your personal hashtag but along with the trending hashtags. This way, you will get the readers of the trending ones also. They click on your hashtags and read your content also.
If twitter does not allow much space, then multiple posts should be done with different hashtags along with your own.
Now another interesting question pops out. How do you know, what’s the trending hashtag for your blog?
Hmmm…this calls for a little mind game.
You need to search for trending hashtags that go along with the theme of your blog. Like we have trending hashtags for
food- #foodie
motivation- #inspirational, #motivation and much more like these.
This way your blog will attract more peers and readers, this, in turn, will leverage your audience and that will amplify your growth.
I have learnt a lot from this particular session with Blog chatter and I hope you also get benefits after reading and then applying it to your work.
If you have any suggestions or tricks to SMO, do share with me.
Until, then keep reading. Keep learning.




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