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  1. Poem published| Woman’s Era May II Edition 2016| Breathing
  2. #ThankfulThursdays| winning entry| A Soul That I Don’t Own
  3. #WedShadow| winning entry| Legendary less known
  4. #MondayMommyMoments| winning entry| Lifelines that made life easier
  5. Written for Savlon Swasth India| The Liquid Chalk Sticks
  6. #BlogAndCeleberate|Runner-up| Dusting away the memories with coffee! and | The intangible gift
  7. #MondayMommyMoments| Honoured as consistent blogger 2016
  8. #ClickAndBlogAStory| winning entry| Woman- An iron pillar
  9. #Blogstar of the week @Blogchatter| winning entry| Destiny followed by serendipity
  10. #ThankfulThiursdays| Winning Entry| Verbal Gratitude
  11. Regular link up with #MMM|AtoZChallenge2017

4 thoughts on “MY ACHIEVEMENTS

  1. I am so proud of your achievements, these certainly show the sincerity in you as a writer and as a blogger. Linky parties are too addictive and the reqrds are too much. Congrats on becoming the consistent blogger at mondaymommymoments…next year i am gonna grab this from you 🙂


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