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Life saviours

#Thankful Thursday

Gadgets and gadgets all around
can I think of my life without them
I thought a Yes first but
a No later and forever.
The first gadget my mind craves for 
is my Mobile with the internet.
It keeps me connected with the world.
just a beep away and 
here I am with my blogging buddies
On the move, I am not detached
as my phone takes care of all.
Refrigerator is another innovation
that’s viable to me.
It takes care of all the food I make
and that is not consumed
or probably not liked.
Thinking life without it,
will be wasting so much of food.
Another gadget ,I am fond of 
is my Microwave
this makes some awesome dishes 
that my gas cannot 
and its power of re-heating 
the food gives a new aroma 
to the cooked food.
I am Thankful for all my favourite gadgets 
I have been blessed with 
that makes my life easier.

10 thoughts on “Life saviours

  1. This is such a nice way to put it Geethica. BTW your blog is looking pretty and bright. Thank you for linking up with #ThankfulThursdays.

  2. Yes yes yes.Life is so similar and our thank you's appear so similar too.It's just how we handle our situations in life which changes the scenario.
    Thanks for writing with us for #ThankfulThursdays


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