Life-lines that made life easiers

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I have been waiting all day long to take a note of all the baby products I used when my kids were younger. Thanks to my dear friends @misra_amrita and @Deepaghandhi1 for giving such an emotional prompt. The fragrance of the products is still so fresh in my mind. My senses remember the small stories attached to the products when used on my kids. Come along with me and explore my selective products that made initial years with my toddlers a bliss.

Johnson & Johnson Baby powder 

This is one product that makes a place for itself in my current shelf. It has a mystic fragrance that is beyond comparison.

Johnson & Johnson Baby oil

Though there are many companies in the market. And sometimes I use olive oil also but the baby oil of this company had been my all time favourite. It is just so perfect for a sensitive skin like that of a baby.

Johnson & Johnson Body wash 

Actually, I had a misconception that body washes are suitable only for adults. But this company proved me wrong. The body wash is so gentle and perfect for baby’s body.

Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo

The tagline of the product is absolutely correct. When I used it, the baby actually didn’t fuss over and the shampoo was really handy.

MeeMee Baby wipes

This was the real invention.I was thankful to the company for innovating these wipes. They were so hygienic to clean baby’s waste and also mess free.

Mamy Poko Pants

These Diapers were very useful. They were designed as panties. They were easy to wear, leak free and convenient to dispose of

Pigeon Oral care 

This reminds of the early years when my kids developed their teeth. Pigeon’s toothpaste flavour so much liked by the kids that they kept repeating it one after another.

I have used several products till date but Johnson & Johnson remained my all time favourite. This can be seen in my summary also.

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