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Strength to overcome

#Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for in my life
Every morning I recall what all I am thankful for today
But this November has been special
Special for me and for my 4-year-old son
This month he has been extra strong,extra courageous
This month he has been able to forgo his favourite habit
His favourite habit of sucking thumb 
Though he looks so cute,so lovable when he sucks his thumb
But then it has to be left behind and so he did
I am thankful to God to show him the way
I am grateful to God to give him the strength
I am thankful to my son for his braveness.
I am thankful to my son for his boldness.

8 thoughts on “Strength to overcome

  1. Aww how cute is he! Mine is 16 months now thankfully he doesn't suck his thumb, but I am thankful that finally he has started walking without support!

  2. It's great that your son left the habit of sucking thumb. My younger one tries to keep everything in his mouth which falls on the floor. Iam trying my best to keep him away from his habit.


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