Writing Always

Expecto Patronum
 Writing has always given me the power, the strength to pour out my expressions onto the paper. But a person is a person because of other people. As long as I am just writing for myself and not sharing it with the world, the work is only confined to me. My blogs are not viewed, not read. Unless and until they are not judged how will I improve?
Blog Buddy has given me that platform!!
I am introduced to new people who are now good friends. There is so much to learn and do together with all my Patronus Buddies Tina,Seema,Vikram,Deepali,Aseem,Kadambari and Pooja. Each and every one of us have a unique style of writing and passion to share their thoughts with the world. Without this platform we would not have come across each other. There is so much talent to be viewed and creativity to be admired. There are so many stages to go up and I am already loving it all. 
I am a blogbuddy with blogchatter

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