Lessons I have learned from my husband!

He was always quiet and calm. He would not talk much. He would never bad mouth somebody and would never raise his voice against his elders. Kadambari wondered could there be any man on earth like him also? Although she had been friends with some of the boys during her school and college days but this man was different. At least, what she had been hearing all day long from her mother. “Mom, you are just squeezing him into my mind,” she told her. “No beta, I only want you to meet Agastya once. Then you can decide, you like him or not.” She cleared herself. That sounded like an escape route to Kadambari. Once I see him, I can pinpoint any negative aspect of his character, she thought. It was the day to meet Agastya. Suddenly a loud siren shocked Kadambari. To her astonishment, it was dark when she woke up and she realised that it was her alarm beeping. “Oh, that first day is still so clear in my mind as if I have been living it again.” She remembered. “It’s been 10 years now and we have literally grown up with each other. I had become so habitual of him. My journey from being a wife to become a mother of two would have never been possible without Agastya.” She further realised. She had always admired his subtle nature and the satisfied soul. She secretly envied his unique qualities and decided to pen down her feelings for him.
Dear Agastya,
It’s high time I think I should let you know what you mean to me and how much you are important to me. There are many things I have learned from you with due course of time:
·        At any point of disagreements with elders, be quiet rather than answering them back.
Many times we don’t feel the discussions are in our favour, but when kept quiet it is understood that now it’s time to drop the topic and the issue is resolved. Speaking at that time turns out bad and often shows disrespect.
·        When we pray to God daily, it becomes a ritual.
Praying to God becomes an important part of our daily life and we don’t expect any favour in return to be fulfilled. We pray because we love God and He knows best when to fulfil which dream.
·        Read, read and keep on reading about anything. It keeps you updated.
This one quality exists in me also. But I never knew that reading could be done on mobile and the internet also. And that bookish knowledge is nothing in front of this daily earned knowledge.
·        Depression is always severe.
However, severe could be depression but can always be healed with family love and togetherness.
·        Whatever learnt once can be saved in the brain for the lifetime.
This is one quality of yours that I envy and am trying to pursue it. I have seen you reciting your childhood things which you don’t even recall daily.
Kadambari sealed the letter with love and kept it in his drawer. Later in the evening, Agastya, as usual, went to his room and changed when he saw his surprise. He called Kadambari to his room and said “Nothing could have been the best gift for my birthday than this. I love you and you are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. Thank you for being there.” 

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