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Our blockbuster breakfast dates


It was too cold out today with dense fog all around. No sun was expected. But I was not concerned about the weather today. It was something else that kept me cold feet. I was more eager to drop my little one at the school and reach for the breakfast date that I and my friends had planned. This was our second time out and we had decided for south Indian breakfast this time. We were quite hungry after the morning marathon of chasing kids and getting them ready for school. So even before reading the menu, we had already started with our filter coffees and round of idlis. As expected, the coffee was just perfect. The first sip was as hot as my tongue could resist and when it went down my throat, it actually entered my brain and settled to the last of my nerves. My friend suggested this feeling as if going through a head spa. I agreed. The next taste my senses could relate to was that of the hot idlis dipped into perfectly hot sambar. This combination was giving me a hot massage into the otherwise cold atmosphere. Another hour or so was occupied with al kinds of ladies talks to baby talk and what not. But the table kept changing with different dishes one after another. I don’t know how were we eating so much? Maybe it was the company that had the magic, the ambience or the delicious taste. It is still a mystery and would like to be left as one. 


4 thoughts on “Our blockbuster breakfast dates

  1. I love the sound of your Breakfast Date, Geethica 🙂 Girl time is always fun.
    And it’s so lovely how you’ve described your food and drink , comparing it to a massage.
    Loved reading this post!:)


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