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What is maturity?


Maturity is…
When you stop trying to change
people, and instead focus on
changing yourself
When you accept people for
who they are
 When you understand that
everyone is right in their 
own perspective
When you learn to ‘let go’
 When you are able to drop
‘expectations’ from a relatiomship
and give for the sake of giving
When you understand that
whatever you do, you do
your own peace
When you stop proving to the
world how intelligent you are
When you focus on positives
in people
When you do not seek
approval from others
When you stop comparing
yourself with others
When you are at peace
with yourself
When you can differentiate
between  ‘need’ and ‘want’, and
you can let go of your wants
When you stop attaching
‘happiness’ to material things
Be simple, be positive
and be relaxed… 


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