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Verbal gratitude

Everybody needs appreciation. When we do good to others; help them in some ways, we need appreciation from them. That’s human nature. Some sort of gratitude is always wanted from the other person. Being silent does not fill that space.


Communication is the most important tool among humans. Without this, every relation is incomplete. Exchange of emotions shows that we care about each other. When somebody helps us and we feel good, the gratitude should not be kept inside. We should thank the person and let them know that they are special to us. When we give out good to nature, in turn, we receive the same from nature. That is the law of nature.

Gratitude need not be silent

Similarly, gratitude needs to be verbal. Keeping it inside only thinking the other person would understand does not hold true. This leads to miscommunication and leads to conflicts and confusion. And with a simple word of gratitude ‘Thank You’ relations get better. Likewise, we love and that love needs to be told. Then only the feeling would be reciprocated, else half said emotions only lead to broken relationships.

Experienced myself

Last night, my 4.5-year-old son asked for water in the middle of the night. Irritated, I got up and checked up the clock that showed 4 o clock. I rubbed my eyes and gave him water. In a while, he slept lied down. Then suddenly, I heard him saying,’Thank you Maa’. As soon I heard those magical words, I smiled back and caressed him on the forehead. And slept happily. I realised how a small boy has also learnt to show gratitude and when we get a little older, we start taking others for granted. We think that our loved ones will understand themselves and they do also. But a sign of gratitude will surely make their day, I am sure. They will feel happy as soon as they see gratitude from your side for their good behaviour.

Promise to me

Today onwards, I promise to myself that I will acknowledge even the smallest way of gratitude from my loved ones and will remember to return it back. I will never feel shy of thanking anybody and would encourage you all to take the pledge with me.

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Tina Basu - Being Real Not Perfect
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Way to Eternity

Gasping for her breath, Mahalakshmi fell down on earth. Her throat was dry since ages and there was not even a sign of moisture in the winds around. Now there is no strength left in me, she looked up. How will I reach there? She questioned herself.

Looked at the gate up there; through the smoke engulfing the area; the stairs reaching there and there she could see something. She could see someone; a figure. She could feel the aura; she could see Lord Shiva.

She got up at once; made an attempt to jump high; high in the air. Reached up.

And vanished into air.

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Appreciate not Envy

Envy is like a child to the word ‘Jealousy’. As jealousy is considered to be a devil, its baby the word ‘Envy’ could be taken as a less negative aspect of our character. But the result is the same. In some time, it will grow into its parent only.

Ever wondered why envy is associated with colour Green?

I tried to explore this fact and learned something new that I wanted to share with you.

In the ancient Greek theory of medicine, which long governed medical treatment, it was believed that an imbalance of certain “humour” produced one’s physical symptoms. Jealousy was considered to result in an excess of bile, which would give a pale-greenish cast to the skin. This idea remained popular for centuries, though it underwent some transformations. It famously appears in “Othello,” when Iago refers to jealousy as a “green-eyed” monster.

So this is how we turn green when we are envious!

Overcoming the trait

Some amount of Envy is always present in everybody. I too possess this attribute in myself. But the trick is to overcome this.  When I start turning green with envy, I stop myself right there and ask myself ‘ Is this what I want back from nature? Then why am I giving this out?’

I have been successful to some extent also. But it is a reoccurring process. You need to keep practising whenever envy takes a better hand over your character. Whenever I feel I am envious of someone, I force myself to think about my own qualities. The good qualities God has engraved in me. Am I not wasting all my talent in course of becoming like somebody else? Am I not insulting God’s creation?

When I perform good, I thank God for the strength in me. And God feels happy as my parents do. Similarly, when I try to copy somebody, start comparing myself with others, God feels bad.

When I feel envious that someone is fitter than me or somebody is shopping more than me, I revert my feelings and thank God for the comforts I have been blessed with. This makes me happy that very moment and makes me feel powerful. I sense the aura in me. The aura that makes me positive; closer to God. It makes me realise that God is the only one whom I want and not these materialistic things in life.

Learn to accept the fact that if the other is possessing a thing that is in his destiny. You can not snatch what is written in his/her destiny. Likewise, what is yours will always be yours no matter what may come.

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Turning point in Life-Kids

This is a very emotional way to evaluate yourself. Being a mom has changed my life totally. Many changes are sweet and some are sour. But the best part is when I look at the miracles around me, that God has blessed me with and I forget everything.

What the world notices in a new mom is only the physical change. But there is more to me than that. My kids have taught me so many things. I have evolved as a newly transformed human being.

  • Patient I was not aware of this word before. I wanted everything on my plate on time. But… life always the same? Not at all. Kids made me practise to instil patience in my behaviour. Without adding this quality into my character I cannot be a mom
  • Selfless– This change in me is simply the most beautiful one. I can’t think of myself without my kids. I am not my own priority but my kids. If anything is to be done has to be done for them first. And I don’t regret myself. It is a sweet reward that comes with motherhood.
  • Superwoman- I need to accept the fact that I am no superwoman and I can’t handle everything at once. I need to let go some things when kids are not listening or for that matter even if your man is also not listening to you.
  • Multi-Dimensional-  As a mom only, I learned that life is multi-dimensional. There is more to life than just being a mom. I need to enjoy life as a woman too. I need to change my perspective and take out time for doing things that I love. That is when I started Blogging.
  • Happiness- However high I may rise in my career, I need someone to share my victory with. How much deep I may be in a depression but when I turn around to my kids, there comes a smile on my face. And that relaxes my facial bones and my nerves stay calm.

There is much more to the list but as of now, these are the closest to my heart. Waiting eagerly to read your thoughts.

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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Aadidev wanted to be in the park the whole day. It was getting dark and on a winter evening, 5:30 also follows a dark sky. But all my trials were in vain, he just didn’t want to be back home. He was not even feeling hungry or thirsty.

He was happy playing in the sand; dirtying his hands and soiling his clothes. Aadidev has just turned 4 years last October and he had become more mischevious. Bribing him with some chocolates and to watch some cartoon, I succeeded in bringing him back home.

He was immersed in soil from head to toe and I was clueless about cleaning him. I changed his clothes first and then it was easier to wash his feet and hands. He just wanted to eat his chocolates stating that the colour of both his hands and chocolate are the same. Then why should I wash my hands first? That was a cute question from a 4-year-old. And kids really make your brain to exercise more.

I smiled back at him and started washing his hands with GODREJ PROTEKT HAND SANITIZER. It is not just any other hand sanitizer. The alcohol in an ordinary sanitizer dries your palms and the triclosan does worse than any good.

But this sanitizer fights germs for 8 hours straight without any break. It is naturally derived and hence alcohol-free. That is why they call it ‘not just another hand sanitizer.

The spray has many salient features:

  • It is kids safe
  • It is 99.9% germs free
  • It is a spray- spreads better and spreads faster
  • It is green afterlife; 100% recyclable, 100% beautiful and 100% guilt-free
  • It is 98% naturally derived.


  • The best part is that it contains 200 sprays in a small bottle. It can be carried anywhere conveniently.

Have a look yourself and get a glimpse of this magical spray

The day I bought GODREJ PROTEKT HAND SANITIZER, I never feared my boy playing in the dirt. I am always confident that my sanitizer will fight back germs.

A very big thanks to GODREJ PROTEKT to introduce such a fussfree hand sanitizer. Now Aadidev can soil himself in the dirt for endless hours and I will not be nagging him anymore.

To make it easier for you, I have got the product here only. It is just a click away!

This post is written specifically for IndiPR.

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My Blog- My Love

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Tina 

At last, I have found love. My love for writing. I felt like I have touched eternity and back. My writing has taken the shape of my blog. And I simply love my blog because:

  • Reflection- My blog is my reflection. It shows me inside out; totally transparent. What I feel is out on my blog whether opinion or thankfulness

  • Voice- With my blog, I have a voice today. I can reach out to all the people out there. And yes, people are listening to me.

  • Connection- I am connected with my friends on the web. I have found like minded friends through my writing.

  • Mentor- My blog is my mentor. I am constantly learning and my creativity is always expanding; every day and every moment.

  • Therapeutic- My blog is therapy for my soul. When I feel sad, I write. When I feel happy, I write. When I don’t know what to write, I just write. And when I know, I write. My blog has connected with me till eternity.

  • Identity- My blog has given me an identity of my own. I am no more entitled as a wife, a mother or a daughter in law; but as Geethica- the writer; – the blogger.

  • Closer- My blog has taken me closer to my God. When I write, I feel myself connected to my God. It feels like I am talking to my God while I write.

  • Spotlight- My blog has given me my due share of the spotlight. It encourages me to write more creatively and better. It shows me that my work is worth applause and I have to keep improving myself.

From here, I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Kadambari